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UCSD Park & Market

1100 Market St. East Village, San Diego, CA

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Due to limited onsite parking, the Padres have kindly allowed attendees to utilize their ACE parking garage at a discounted rate of $15, if parked before 1400 ($25 after 1400). YOU MUST BRING YOUR PARKING TICKET TO THE SYMPOSIUM REGISTRATION to receive the discounted rate before 1400. Padres ACE parking garage is located at 440 11th Ave, San Diego, CA 92101 and is a 4minute walk to the symposium site (1100 Market St), see map below.

Other Parking Information *

Garage Info

Padres Parkade - 431 10th Ave. (619) 230-0178

Park it On Market - 614 Market St. (619) 818 9137

Ace Parking - 614 Market St (855) 223-7275

Pinnacle Parking - 424 15th St.

Parking Lots

1045 Broadway - Masada Lot 1091

816 Market St

7th & Market - 702 Market St.

7th & Market South - 517 7th Ave (858) 587 4675

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* All information here has been collected from the internet based on location to the venue and it is not an all-inclusive list of available parking. Additionally, we cannot recommend any based on our own experiences.


The Park & Market Trolley Station is 1/2 block south of the Naval UX Forum, Park & Market. The trolley connects destinations from Mexico border to La Jolla, California.

For further information, contact

AFCEA San Diego & Naval UX Forum Committee

AFCEA San Diego